ISEE Young 2024 Best abstract award!


Yu Zhao, a predoctoral researcher and member of the BiSC team, attended the ISEE Young Conference 2024 and took the chance to present some results that are part of the FRONTIER study. She won the best abstract award in her category. Congratulations, Yu!

The ISEE-Young Conference is one of the most important international societies in our field of research. The abstract that Yu presented was about the role of placental function in the relationship between exposure to traffic-related air pollution during prenatal stages and impaired fetal growth. Yu Zhao, Toni Galmes, Payam Dadvand and the rest of the team analysed the data collected during the week 32 of gestation from 916 BiSC mothers!

After exploring placental function, they saw that the role of umbilical artery resistance might be important. High umbilical artery resistance might be related to less oxygen and nutrients transfer from mother to fetus. Specifically, what they have found is that mothers exposed to high traffic-related air pollution might be related to higher umbilical artery resistance, which can impact fetal growth. They have observed an association with different pollutants related to traffic such as black carbon, NO2 and PM2.5, among others.


We want to thank you, all of the BiSC participants, to keep making this kind of studies possible. We all make such a big and good team!


This news has been written by Marina Ruiz, psychologist and research technician.