The second newsletter of the BiSC project!

Today we sent the second newsletter of the project by e-mail to the BiSC volunteers. Following the format of the previous newsletter, you can find interviews, a collection of news published on the web, news and a small creative corner, among others.

In this second edition, the BiSC team updates us on the current situation of the project as well as presents the first results of the study on mental health that was carried out through questionnaires during confinement (MOOD-COVID study). This time we interviewed Lola Gómez (principal researcher at BiSC) and Eduard Roso (environmental technician at BiSC).

We hope you enjoy this new edition of the newsletter as much as the first one!

We leave you with a direct link to the newsletter, and in the event that you have not received or want to start receiving the newsletter, all you have to do is contact us.

Thank you so much everyone!

The text has been written by Maria Torres, a PhD researcher of the BiSC project.