In this week’s news we bring you much more personal content!

This last time, since the beginning of the pandemic, has been curious for the BiSC team: a large part of the people who make it up have been teleworking from home, so that personal contact between us has decreased . Little by little we are returning to face-to-face.

Last Saturday, November 20, and thanks to the improvement of the epidemiological situation, we were able to meet to see each other and go on a day trip through the Montserrat Massif. We were able to take a leisurely stroll through nature, smell the dampness of the bushes, and most of all, chat and take advantage of the latest additions to the team.

At the beginning of the route, early in the morning, there was a very thick fog that did not allow us to see the landscape below. The walk lasted about 5 hours, with its technical stops to eat and hydrate us (and also to observe the landscape we see from the top of the mountains!). In the middle of the morning we reached Sant Jeroni, the highest peak in the whole massif, at 1,236m above sea level.

We leave you with some photos of the day!

The text has been written by Pol Jiménez, fieldworker of BiSC project.