When two projects meet years later, BiSC and BREATHE!

Today, Friday 22 October 2021, Ioar Rivas, a researcher in the BiSC project, gave a talk on the project to second-year high school students at the Sant Gregori School in Barcelona.

The talk has been very enriching, and some very interesting questions and topics have come up!

The most curious thing is that students in this class participated between 2011-2013 in the BREATHE project, which looked at the impact of air pollution on children’s cognitive development, and this year its center is one of the spaces in which the BISCAPE campaign has placed several devices to measure pollution.

From BiSC we are very happy to see how science is more and more present in the classrooms, and we are very excited that the students who 9 years ago participated in BREATHE, today have been able to enjoy this talk and that their school wants to continue collaborating with BISCAPE, in short, a very nice coincidence!

Thanks for everything!!