The last Friday the retreat 2020 of BiSC was held on PRBB!

Last Friday, February 28, 2020, everyone involved in the BiSC project was able to meet and catch up on the evolution of the project.

We introduced new additions and all new features added to the project regarding exposure assessment, biological sample collection, or baby follow-up.

The morning started with a brief introduction to the project, followed by brief presentations on how we evaluate different environmental exposures, including air pollution, noise, or different chemical pollutants that can be measured by urine samples collected by the participants.

In the middle of the morning, we learned about the different biological samples that are collected, and some new features regarding the study of the placenta and the beginning of another section of the project that will evaluate the children’s immune system.

Finally, we got to know more accurately the post-natal follow-up of BiSC babies, including MRI of a subsample, the Bailey test at 6 months, or the mental health of the mother. To close the morning, different PhD students made short presentations of their dissertation projects.

It was a beautiful morning, where we realized all the people that are part of the project and the great team that we created to go on this adventure!

Many thanks to everyone and see you next!

The BiSC team.

The text has been written by Paula de Prado, a PhD researcher from the BiSC project.