The BiSC team grows

Starting this November, the BiSC psychology and neuropsychology department will have one more psychologist. This is a new incorporation thanks to the granting of Investigo Program grants (AGAUR) for the hiring of young people in seek of employment in research and innovation initiatives.

This is good news for the project as it will allow us to continue improving the organization and planning of the tests included on the protocol for assessments of children’s neurodevelopment and maternal mental health in each of the visits (face-to-face and distance); for the ones that currently performing and those that will come. The tests of the neurodevelopment protocol of the children of the BiSC project to date are:

Each of these tests and questionnaires is at a different stage of the research process. While the first ones are already being entered into our databases to be able to be analyzed and extract results, others are still being corrected to give individual feedback to the volunteers or are still being sent to each volunteer who participates on the visit.

On the other hand, and very importantly, this increase in the neuropsychology team means improving the response that we want to give to the volunteers of the project, accelerating the return of the tests that families’ have filled and giving follow-up to all their doubts and concerns about their role in the Project.

Behind the neurodevelopment and mental health tests there is a great meticulous and complex task, where the entire BiSC team, from the main researchers to the collaborating students, make their organization, collection and analysis possible.

The team grows and the project is enriched, and we never forget that it is the commitment and effort of the BiSC volunteers that allows us to move forward.

This post has been written by Muriel Ferrer, psychologist of the BiSC Project.