We started the 12-month follow-up questionnaire!

We have started monitoring babies at 12 months, the entire BiSC team is excited to know that the project’s volunteer babies have already reached the year of life!

In this questionnaire, we ask questions about the emotional state of mothers, and also about the lactation and diet habits followed by babies, in order to know how they can affect their microbiota.

On the other hand, we also included questions about the environment where they live, or frequent (ex: the kindergarten) to find out if they are exposed to certain environmental factors such as air pollution or noise, which may have an effect on the baby’s neurodevelopment. It is for this reason, that it is very important that we know if the volunteers have changed their address, to know in which area they live, and to be able to estimate the levels of these risk factors based on their address.

The questionnaire is sent by email, and it is very important to answer it within the reference month to have updated information. In case the volunteers have questions or need help, they can contact the fieldwork team of the project by phone.

In the exceptional situation, we are experiencing, getting here and continuing to count on the support and participation of volunteer families makes us feel more than ever that “science is alive”. That is why we continue working, our volunteers surprise us every day, they encourage us, and without them, this would be impossible. Thank you!!!

The text has been written by Cecilia Persavento, a research technician of BiSC.