Finishing the recruitment phase!

The recruitment of new volunteers for the study is reaching the end! Now it is more than two years since we started the process of looking for pregnant women willing to participate in the BiSC study, with the aim to reach a representative number of women from different areas in Barcelona. During this time we have been in contact with many women in order to inform about the study and to invite them to be part of the project, now we count on more than 1000 volunteers!

They, these 1000 women, are an example for us all. They are women that, even the fact of living a moment with many changes, a lot of information, excitement, hopes… they have decided to contribute altruistically to generate knowledge on the pollutants’ influence on the children’s development. Women that we are following during the pregnancy until one year after the delivery from the different collaboration centers (Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu, el Hospital de Sant Pau or Maternitat). Some have even wanted to repeat the experience and have participated for a second time with a new pregnancy.

For us, the ones behind the phone contacting with possible participants and involved in the follow-up, the job is very rewarding. It is extremely easy to be part of this process alongside such highly motivated women; to see how, even having each one circumstance so changing, the commitment with the study is so great. Each story, each pregnancy, each volunteer is unique and essential, and without their predisposition, BiSC would not be possible. To all of them, thank you very much!

We are very satisfied to have managed to have 1000 volunteers, it’s an amazing success! Even so, we still have over a month to finish including as many women as possible and make BiSC grow even a little more.

Do you know someone who might be interested? We are waiting for you with open arms, sign up before March 31st!

The text has been written by Neus Rosell, a research technician of BiSC project.