Let’s go back with the batteries recharged!

After these summer months, holidays and disconnection, the BiSC team is back “charged” with more energy than ever.

We are about to reach the end of one of the most important stages of the study: the prenatal stage. This past August we made the last visits of 32 weeks of pregnancy and in the coming weeks, we will reach all the births that make up the BISC family. It has been a stage full of emotions, challenges, and effort on the part of the BiSC team and on the part of all the families that have made this project possible. That is why we will never tire of thanking you!

Now, however, we are moving forward with the early years of life, tracking your babies. One of the things you are asked to do is collect urine and feces samples at 6 and 18 months of age of your little ones. A fairly simple protocol for urine collection is based on collecting a urine sample using loose cotton, a syringe, tweezers, and a tube to store the sample. In the case of feces, you are asked to collect a sample to be the first stool of the day using a special tube that incorporates a teaspoon.

During the month of June 2020 we started collecting samples at 6 months of age and today we have already obtained urine and feces samples from more than 350 babies !!! Sampling at 18 months began this June 2021 and we already have over 70 babies with urine and feces collected!

We want to encourage you to continue to be part of the study and to help us continue to do research on maternal and child health.

Link to video describing how to collect a urine sample from a baby: https://vimeo.com/422491386/68bbf9ace2

The text has been written by Aida Perramon, a research technician of BiSC project.