The beginnings of the BiSC!

It has been a year since we kicked off with the kick-off meeting. Meeting in which we would expose a project with feet and head, an illusion to help our society, help future members of our world, we should know if pollution can affect our potential beings since pregnancy.

We all had and are excited about the BISC project, now we look back and although we had very ambitious goals we have achieved great things this year.

Among the 3 participating centers Maternitat Clinic Hospital, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and Sant Pau Hospital we have already recruited a total of 400 pregnant women of which 200 have already given birth. Post-natal Magnetic Resonances have also begun.

It is a project that has its own engine but for which we still have a lot to work and we need the help of all possible pregnant women.

In conclusion I will only say, wanting is power and with illusion hard work is easier. Thanks to all the team.

The team of BiSC

The text was written by Marta Muniesa, an obstetrician of BiSC.