New study to evaluate the emotional state of BiSC volunteers

We are in a moment of exceptionality, affected by a viral pandemic which is having significant consequences for the number and severity of people affected worldwide. Another consequence of the pandemic and the situation in Spain is the declaration of the state of alarm and the restriction of movement of the population, which has been confined to cut off the avalanche of COVID-19 infections. This isolation over a relatively long period of time, without direct contact with other people and unable to leave a relatively small space, can emotionally affect the entire population.

For this reason, we have started a new questionnaire-based study to evaluate the emotional state of BiSC volunteers. It is a very important study, which will allow assessing the impact of this health crisis on the mental health of pregnant women and mothers with young babies.

Every two weeks, volunteers will be invited to answer a small questionnaire with questions about how they handle confinement and concern arising from COVID-19.

In addition, we wanted to support the volunteers by creating new avenues of contact with BiSC so that, to the best of our knowledge and our possibilities, they would be able to solve any doubts they have about COVID-19 and pregnancy, lactation and childhood.

We leave this video prepared by Jordi Sunyer, principal investigator of the BiSC project, directed to the volunteers to present the study on COVID-19 and mental health.

Again, we take this opportunity to thank again the efforts and dedication of all the volunteers. We wish each and every one of your family to be safe. We bring you all a big hug.

The BiSC team!