During the month of June, the pilot trials of magnetic resonance will begin

One of the objectives of the BiSC project is to evaluate the impact of exposure to air pollution during pregnancy in the structural brain development of babies. A total of 400 babies from the BiSC project will participate in this test throughout the study.

During the month of June, we will begin pilot trials, and from September we will continue with the tests. For now, we are preparing the adapted bed so that the children have the maximum comfort and do not move since otherwise, the quality of the obtained image would not be good enough. We leave some photos of the current state of the bed, soon we will finish it and we can start with this test that will provide us very interesting information!

Magnetic resonance is a safe and painless imaging test. Unlike radiography, there is no exposure to ionizing radiation and therefore has no side effects. The duration of the exploration will be approximately 25 minutes and will take place when the baby is asleep.

The text has been written by Mireia Gascón, researcher of the BiSC project.