Preparing the 4-years-visit

As we already informed you in a previous piece of news, the BiSC Project received funding from La Marató de TV3 to be able to identify genetic, psychosocial and environmental risk factors in the appearance and evolution of neurobehavioral and emotional problems in the first four years of life. We will do all this through a new follow-up in the 4 years that is about to begin!

During the visit, the children will be with one of our neuropsychologists: Muriel, whom many of you already know her since she has been at the 18-month visit; and Lorena, the new psychologist who has joined the team since November. During the visit, a series of activities and games will be carried out with the children to evaluate their neurodevelopment on cognition, language, attention, motor skills, attention, etc. (similar to the 18-month visit but more complete since the kids are older).

While the visit with the child is taking place, we will provide some tests and questionnaires to the parents to evaluate other factors in the context of the child’s life. These will be self-reported and you can do them during the same visit, although if one of you cannot attend, we will ask you to fill it in at home. We are currently finishing defining all the parameters to be measured and together with a team of experts evaluating the possibility of collecting biological samples. The BiSC Project follow-up team is finalizing all the details and logistics so that this visit can take place and, as always, trying to simplify as much as possible the tests and questionnaires so that they are not a major burden for the families that participate.

As we already did for the 18-month follow-up, once the evaluation of the 4-year visit is done, the neuropsychologists will send you the results of your sons/daughters’ tests.

When the day comes we will contact you from the Project to offer you to participate, we are waiting for you all!

This post has been written by Paula Llabrés, technician at the BiSC Project.