Story of a BiSC nurse in confinement

For a little over a month, due to a situation that we cannot control, the country was completely paralyzed, and we had to adapt to teleworking overnight. Among all of them, all those people who with so much enthusiasm and effort make the project happen, so we had to invent ourselves to adapt to this new situation and the needs of the participants. For this, we continued with telephone contact with the volunteers of the BiSC project and the support of our professionals was intensified in order to reach those participants who, in the current situation, might have any queries and it is not easy for them to access traditional channels, as the health center.

Through this initiative many women have been able to receive a response, being very grateful, to our delight.

We are in a complex situation, where the majority of people, especially pregnant women, try to go out as little as possible to avoid any risky situation and this leads us to difficult times, especially if there are children at home, since family reconciliation it is much more intense and can collapse. That’s when we sometimes receive those calls where there is no specific question, but rather they seek contact with someone other than their usual environment and with whom you have confidence to be able to talk about everything and nothing, and for our compliment, they have chosen us to us. What they don’t know is that those calls also help us fly to other places.

With love, a nurse in confinement.

Estela Rodríguez Quinteiro, one of the nurses of BiSC.