We have completed the first phase of the study on the emotional impact of BiSC volunteers during confinement!

At the beginning of the confinement, set to cut the transmission of COVID-19, we started a study based on questionnaires to assess the emotional state of the BiSC volunteers.

The study consisted of 5 questionnaires, the last of which was passed last week (final questionnaire). In total, 398 volunteers took part and answered at least one of the questionnaires.

Couples were also invited to participate in the final questionnaire and 78 participated.

As of today, we are working to assess the short-term impact of this health crisis and the mental health confinement of pregnant women and mothers with young babies. We will send you a short summary with results.

However, this study is not yet complete:

  • In a couple of weeks we will ask participants for a hair sample to measure the levels of stress hormones accumulated during the last three months.
  • In November, we will again pass a new questionnaire to assess whether confinement has long-term emotional effects.

Again, we want to thank you for your participation. Thank you so much!!

The text has been written by Ioar Rivas, responsible of the COVID-19 study in BiSC.