We have reunited with the midwifes from the “ASSIR Esquerra”, who are helping us with the recruitment of the volunteers!

This Wednesday, October 23, 2019, a follow-up meeting on the BiSC project took place at the CAP Manso with the ASSIR Esquerra midwives, who help us in the recruitment of volunteers.

In addition, our fieldworker Berta Miralles has explained in an easy and simple way how the environmental visit to the pregnant woman works, showing us the famous backpack for the assessment of personal exposure to contamination and all the midwives have not hesitated to prove it!

Midwifes from the “ASSIR Esquerra” involved in the BiSC project

To finish, Dr. Giulia Casu, a obstetrician from BCNatal, presented a summary of the project data for recruitment, 32-week and delivery outputs in the three Hospitals where the BiSC study is performed, when a year of its beginning is celebrated.

Thank you for all the work done!

Photo of the team from BCNatal and ASSIR Esquerra with the doctor Lola Gómez, chief of the service at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

The text has been written by Giulia Casu, an obstetrician from the BiSC project.