We continue the tests at 28-35 months!

Today we want to present you the follow-up that we carry out on the BiSC children at 28 months. In this follow-up we focus on the development of the nervous and respiratory systems. We will prospectively evaluate the relationship between various prenatal and postnatal exposure outcomes and infant health, with an emphasis on neurodevelopment.

What are we asking the families to do?

In the 28-35 month follow-up there is no face-to-face visit, you will receive a call from our team to explain a series of questionnaires to answer, some similar to those we already did for the 6-8 month follow-up.

At this stage of development we also begin assessments of executive functions; specifically, the beginning of mental flexibility skills, emotional control, planning capacity and organization, among others, through the BRIEF questionnaire.

And once everything is filled?

After receiving the answers to the questionnaires, an individualized report is prepared with the results and recommendations of our team of neuropsychologists.

This way, you are helping us to evaluate the growth of your children in each of their stages.

We encourage you to participate as much as you can by filling out the questionnaires and once again we thank you for your great effort.

This post has been written by Cecilia Persavento, fieldworker at the BiSC Project.