New primary attention centers have incorporated to the BiSC project

Since mid-year, professionals from the centers of Sexual and Reproductive Care (ASSIR) have joined Manso and Numancia as project collaborators. Both centers have as reference the Hospital Clínic Seu Maternitat, collaborator of the project from the beginning.

This new stage is being carried out with great enthusiasm by professionals, who consider “a great opportunity to involve pregnant women in the area of ​​such an investigation” as one of the midwives who works in both centers.

The reception by interested pregnant women is being very satisfactory, especially because of the ease and proximity with which they are presented to participate in the study and the direct relationship with their midwife, without having to travel to other centers to perform the first study visit.

This inclusion means that we are already eight collaborating centers* in this research, thus facilitating a direct interaction between the study and the pregnant women, however, there are other means such as the website, which is available to all pregnant women interested in participate or receive information about the project, even if they do not have control of pregnancy in our collaborating centers.

ASSIR Numància


“ Mucha gente pequeña, en lugares pequeños, haciendo cosas pequeñas, pueden cambiar el mundo” Eduardo Galeano

* Collaborating centers:

ASSIR Guinardó – Sant Pau

ASSIR Can Vidalet

ASSIR Lluís Millet


ASSIR Numáncia

Sant Pau Hospital

Hospital Clinic Seu Maternitat

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

The text has been written by Estela Rodríguez, the midwife from “Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu”.