A few months ago we started performing the MRI’s of the project and we have already done 25!!!

One of the main goals of the BiSC project is to evaluate the impact of environmental pollution on the cognitive and structural development of the baby’s brain. To do this, we need an MRI scan on a BiSC baby subgroup. This imaging test is completely safe, non-invasive, with no side effects (unlike X-rays, no exposure to ionizing radiation).

The MRI is performed at the Pasqual Maragall Foundation over the 27 days of life. The only contraindication to this is the presence of fever or any discomfort that prevents the little ones from being calm and sleeping while taking the pictures. Neither can be done if earrings have been placed recently since it is recommended not to remove them during the first month.

First of all, we wrap the newborns around so they can be wrap to feel secure and calm during the test and don’t move too much. Headphones are also placed to protect them from machine noise and prevent them from waking up (they are not given any drugs to sleep).

We have a room adapted for parents to sleep the baby during breastfeeding in a quiet environment and once this has been done, the test is done.

Parents are present and involved during the entire procedure. One of them can enter the resonance room and stand next to the baby, and at the same time he can communicate with us by placing a microphone and headphones. The scan takes about 25 minutes.

Then, at the 6-month visit, we give to the parents a CD with the images and a test report (in case of any incident, it is reported within a few days of the test).

The whole team tries to achieve maximum comfort during the stay and we are very happy with the results and the experience we have obtained. That is why we want to thank the families for all their collaboration, without you it would not have been possible!

The text has been written by Júlia Huerta, nurse from the BiSC project.