The scientific research has not stopped!

The Obstetrics and Gynecology team at Sant Pau Hospital, which is part of the BiSC project, together with ISGlobal, have recently published (September 2020) a review on the effects of exposure to pollution during pregnancy on placental development and risk of developing preeclampsia.

They concluded that being exposed to air pollution and noise is associated with greater placental dysfunction and a higher risk of preeclampsia. In contrast, increased exposure to green areas during pregnancy appears to mitigate this impact.

This is another study that highlights the importance of continuing to study the effects that pollution can have during pregnancy and fetal and neonatal involvement, as we are conducting with the BiSC study.

There are already more than 800 women who have participated in it and who have offered us their help to continue investigating in this field.

Thank you so much, everyone!

The text has been written by Carla Domínguez, obstetrician of Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital.