The MOOD-COVID study is already underway!

At the start of confinement by COVID-19 in March 2020, we initiated a questionnaire-based study to assess the emotional state of BiSC volunteers.

This study was launched thanks to the willingness of researchers and participants in a time of emergency to answer an important question: How does confinement and the health crisis impact the mental health of pregnant women and mothers with young babies?

The study has now been funded by the AXA Research Fund (France), along with 9 other international projects, out of 500 proposals evaluated by independent experts. Obtaining this highly competitive funding indicates the relevance of this study. This funding will allow us to expedite the analysis but also expand the study. In this extension, in addition to studying how the health crisis impacts the mental health of pregnant women and mothers with young babies, we will also be able to assess how it can affect the neurodevelopment of BiSC babies.

In the coming months:

• We will complete the analyzes of the first phase of 5 questionnaires and send you the results.

• We will process hair samples.

• We will again pass a new questionnaire to assess whether confinement has emotional effects on long-term pregnant women and mothers.

Finally, we would like to thank you again for your participation. Thank you so much!!

The news was written by Maria Foraster, principal investigator of the funded project (MOOD-COVID).