The postnatal visit at 6 months have already started!!

The 6-month postnatal visit is a long-awaited visit by families as it allows them to have an enriching experience with their children between the ages of 6 and 7 months.

This is a visit where the child’s neurodevelopmental assessment is performed through a specific test, the Developmental Bayley-III Scales (Bayley, 2006), which collects information through careful observation of children’s play and interaction with toys, examiners and the family. This is a test used in clinical psychology to evaluate the development of infants between the ages of 1 and 42 months, detect potential developmental deficiencies, and identify strengths and weaknesses in different areas of development.

In the case of the BiSC Project, we work with the general population and the main purpose of the test and visit is to obtain a large number of data related to neurodevelopment in order to be able to combine them with the personal and environmental data that we have been collecting. so far This is how we intend to study and obtain information on the influence of environmental pollution on the brain development of children in these very important early stages of growth.

In this visit we will be able to obtain data concerning different areas of the child’s development:

The visit lasts between an hour and an hour and a half and can be performed at the Sant Joan de Déu hospital or in the CAP Guinardó, according to the convenience of the families.

The 6-month visit is a very positive experience for families as they watch their child enjoy interacting with each other and exploring toys. It is a positive aspect that we hope will encourage them to continue participating in the project, because they are the ones that allow the continuation of the BiSC project and those that make this possible already a reality. For all this, we appreciate your participation and invite you to enjoy the different visits that we will be offering.

Thank you very much families !!

The text has been written by Muriel Ferrer, a psychologist from BiSC project.