The visit at the 3rd trimester, essential for the BiSC project

One of the essential parts of the BiSC project is the 32-week visit that takes place in the different participating hospitals. During it, the patients meet again with the nurses who participate in the project, Julia and Estela, and with the obstetricians who will perform the ultrasound examinations.

Within the ultrasound examinations we perform, we carry out the assessment of fetal growth and the study of placental function, which, as we mentioned in previous news, is a fundamental organ during pregnancy.

What is this ultrasound? It consists in taking different measurements of the fetus, such as its head, abdomen and femur and to estimate its weight. So we can know if the fetus is growing correctly during the pregnancy. On the other hand, we assess the blood flow in different vessels, which inform us of the state of placental and baby blood circulation, such as the uterine arteries and the umbilical cord, among others.

With this information collected, and with the results obtained regarding the personal environmental exposures of the participants, we will be able to know how the air contamination of our city is affecting the growth of our babies from early stages.

Images obtained with the ultrasound in the BiSC Project, subsequently pixelated for reasons of confidentiality

The text was written by Julia Zanini, an obstetrician from the “Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau”.