There are already 300 pregnant women who collaborate in the BiSC study at the “Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau”!

More and more couples are interested in studying air pollution and their repercussions on babies, already from early stages of life. That is why we face a growing demand for information on the BiSC project, by outpatients, hospitals or even schools.

Last week volunteer number 300 was included in the BiSC project (Barcelona Life Study Cohort) at the Hospital de la Santa Creu and Sant Pau. There are also other hospitals that participate, such as the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and the Maternity Clinic Hospital, making a total of almost 600 pregnant women who are currently collaborating in the study.

Are you pregnant and want to be part of this project? Contact us through this Web page. Fill in the questionnaire that you will find in our website and we will contact you!

Thank you all very much for your interest and collaboration!

The text has been written by Carla Domínguez, obstetrician from the BiSC project.