We keep installing sonometers!

There are already more than 70 sonometers installed! The aim is to obtain measures for noise pollution in the homes of volunteer families, as these data could not be obtained due to confinement. This is why the baby’s 6-month visit is used, which consists of collecting urine and a stool sample from the baby and measuring the child’s exposure to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) through a tube that accompanies her for a whole week.

The sonometer, which is being installed at the volunteer’s residence.

In addition, the measurement of exposure to environmental noise with noise meters is also added for a week. These equipment are installed outside and that is why it is very important to have the characteristics of the home (sound insulation installations, the material of the window frames, type of glass, protections,…) for in order to be able to analyze later how the noise from the outside to the inside affects.

Let’s go!

The text has been written by Mariona Isern, internship student of the BiSC project, on behalf of the environmental fieldworkers team (Berta Miralles, Beatriz Jurado and Ada Pérez (internship student)).