We keep moving forward with the 32 week hospital visit!

Despite the pandemic, the BISC project and all the professionals involved have not stopped, on the contrary, they have adapted to the new regulations that COVID 19 has generated.

To date, the project has 811 volunteer patients enrolled, and 437 environmental visits carried out, respecting all security measures.

In fact, during the confinement, the field workers have left the devices for the assessment of environmental pollutants directly at the door of the house so that the pregnant women could install it directly in their homes.

Regarding to the visit at week 32 of pregnancy, our fetal assessment protocol focused on neurodevelopment and fetal heart function has not changed, and we have 259 ultrasound scans performed at the Sant Joan de Déu maternal and child hospital center and Hospital Clínic.


functional fetal echocardiography

echography week 32

Our goal is to reach 1000 patients within next March, closing the BiSC cohort with the last deliveries in September / October 2021.

Cheer up, BiSC project!

The text has been written by Giulia Casu, obstetrician of BCNatal.