We return with our batteries fully charged!

Now that summer is over, and the entire team has been able to rest (And we hope all of you too!), we return to the office eager to continue with the project and gradually advance the research.

We are continually completing and finishing follow-ups and the fact is that… at the end of this month of September all BiSC children will be over 2 years old!!

As today, we have two follow-up stages in place in which we evaluate neurodevelopment and obtain very valuable information that we can return to you in the form of results reports explaining how your girls and boys are developing:

  • We do a remote follow-up at 28 months through questionnaires and neurodevelopment and language tests that you complete at home (online and on paper by postal mail). Then you return it to us, so we can evaluate it.
  • We also do an in-Person follow-up at 4 years old, which consists of a visit with one of our beloved psychologists where your children will come to play while you are interviewed by one of the technicians. During this visit, anthropometric measurements and samples are also collected that we use to include in the analyses.

Some of you have not had any visits yet, others have already had one, and a few have already had both. To each and every one, thank you very much!! Thank you for continuing with us and helping us do science and thus improve the health of all.

We hope to continue with you much longer and see how all the children of this great BiSC family are growing.

This post has been written by Paula Llabrés, technician at the BiSC Project.