What’s behind the 18 month’s visit?

Behind the environmental visit of the 18 months, there is a lot of work to do. Here we explain it step by step!
The first one is preparing the biological sample kits, one for urine and two for stools. The second one is a new kit to analyze nanoplastics, which contains aluminum paper, a wooden cup and a pot to store the sample. Here you can see the two types of kits:

Our psychologist, Muriel, once the on-site visit of the 18 months is finished, will do the delivery of the material.
Afterwards, the environmental technicians will contact the mothers by telephone to collect biological samples to deliver a tube that measures nitrogen dioxide.
This tube will have to be carried next to the boys and girls for a week in their daily life activities. After one week, this tube has to be returned by mail to the office at Carrer Mallorca. Subsequently, they are sent to the laboratory for analysis.
Once the biological samples have been collected, they arrive at the laboratory where they will be processed and and labelled.

If your child is about to reach 18 months, we will get in touch with you soon!

The text has been written by Jana Clopés and Abril Galiot, students from the BiSC project.