This week we interview one of our volunteers who has been encouraged to participate in the project during her two pregnancies!

What is your concern regarding the impact of environmental pollution in the city where you live?

I certainly wasn’t worried before I got to know the study. As soon as you are interested in the study, you can read information about it on the web and you start to see the effects. The study investigates effects from the gestation of new lives, in the neuronal and cognitive development of the new living being. And this did concern me especially, not only for my son.

What initially motivated you to participate in this study initially?

I saw an informative poster that caught my attention when I already knew I was pregnant and later a relative spoke highly of the project / study to me.

What has motivated you to participate a second time?

My second participation is motivated by how well and accompanied I felt during pregnancy and especially during my son’s first 18 months. First of all, they accompany you in the postpartum period, taking an interest both in the physical and mental health of the mother and in the development of the baby.

How was the experience of being part of this study?

I am satisfied to be part of the study, research is the key to moving towards a sustainable future. Participation does not “steal” a lot of time and the “rewards” and support that are received are worth it.

The text has been written by Julia Zanini, one of the gynecologists of the BiSC project.