The first Party for the BiSC’ families

We are pleased to inform you that the first face-to-face meeting of BiSC families was a complete success! A total of 134 families (almost 500 people between adults and children) came to the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park last Saturday, October 1, to celebrate all the achievements of the first years of the BiSC Project.

Two years ago we organized a first meeting of BiSC families to create a space for dialogue, but the context of the pandemic forced us to do it in a virtual format. For this reason, after these last complicated years in which families have shown their resilience and their commitment to research, we were very excited to be able to hold the first meeting in person.

We were lucky that it was a fantastic day to enjoy the outdoors, and the Fest Commission, formed by Neus Rosell, Cecilia Persavento and Muriel Ferrer, had organized quite a thing!

At the beginning of the day, the families registered at the reception to be able to enter the interior of the PRBB and receive the BiSC party gift (if you came, do you remember what it was? If not, look at the photographs and you will find it!).

Once inside, the families were able to walk around the different informative spots, where the members of the research team were explaining in detail the different phases of the BiSC study, so that the families were able to see directly what is done with all the information and biological samples collected during their participation, as well as answer all the questions. The spots also had interactive elements: the families observed what a placenta looks like (a very important organ!) through models in real dimensions or what the laboratory devices that allow obtaining genetic information from the samples are like, they also saw the different components of environmental pollution that can be measured and the little ones were even able to participate in games related to psychomotor development. Some enjoyed it so much that they stayed there for hours!

Between questions and discussions, the families were also able to enjoy a healthy breakfast outdoors, while one of the main researchers of the study, Dr. Jordi Sunyer, addressed all of them to thank them for their effort and dedication, emphasizing the importance of citizen participation to be able to carry out scientific studies that allow us to generate new knowledge about the interaction of the human body with the environment. Later, children and adults were able to enjoy a family show with music, dance and humor by the wonderful Jaume Ibars. We were all blown away by his magic!

In short, it was a very constructive meeting, not only to establish a dialogue between the research team and the volunteers, but also because the participating families got to know each other and could exchange their experiences inside and outside the study. Best of all was the smile we all left with after a day of science and fun.

The BiSC Project is only possible thanks to the participation of the more than 1,000 families that are part of it. We take this opportunity to thank you again for your effort and altruism!

Finally, we want to express our gratitude to the entire team that devoted their time and enthusiasm in preparing the event, as well as our collaborators Terra Nostra Healthy and Danone.

We also want to remind you that we have opened an Instagram account! Follow us to see all the news of the project! We are @Projecte_BiSC

This article has been written by Laura C. Gómez Herrera, predoctoral student of the BiSC Project.