The BISC study was on the front line in the 3rd edition of the “Hospital viu, viu l’hospital” in “Sant Joan de Déu”

On June 20, the third edition of the “Hospital Viu, viu l’Hospital” conference took place at the “Hospital Sant Joan de Déu”, whose objective was to publicize the new and unique programs and activities carried out in the hospital and the affiliated centers.

The BISC study was on the front line!

The doctors Giulia Casu and Marta Muniesa with the nurse Estela Rodríguez presenting the poster of the BISC study.

“Sant Joan de Déu Hospital” is one of the three centers involved in the project and today has already attended the delivery of more than 40 participants!

It is essential that volunteers give birth at the “Hospital Sant Joan de Déu”, at the “Hospital Clínic” or at the “Hospital Sant Pau”, since at the time of delivery samples of placenta, cord blood and meconium are collected.

This will allow us to perform a very complete analysis of exposure to contamination during pregnancy.

The text was written by Giulia Casu, an obstetrician from the “Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu”.