The BiSC project appears in the first program of the documentary series ‘Natural’!

The BiSC project was invited to participate in the first program of the documentary series ‘Natural’ that is broadcast weekly on “La Sexta”.

The program used the decline in the number of sparrows in cities as a leitmotif of a program that highlighted the negative effects of air pollution, noise, electromagnetic radiation and lack of green space (including others) in the health of this species. Several of these factors are also being studied in the BiSC project to assess how they affect the neurodevelopment of the fetus and children!

In fact, BiSC was one of the studies used to exemplify how the effects of exposure to air pollution on people’s health are studied (link to the news).

The journalists accompanied us during a visit to the house of a volunteer, Mònica Selva. One of the BiSC technicians, Beatriz, visited her to pick up the backpack she had been carrying for 48 hours. This backpack incorporated various equipment to monitor the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (the tube), PM2.5 particles (collected in a filter) and black carbon particles.

Later, journalists visited our center, the Mar-ISGlobal Campus located in the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), to talk to Mar Àlvarez about the MRI scans we are doing to babies when they are in their first month of life. We also talked about the possible effects that air pollution can have on the neurodevelopment of the fetus.

You can see the full program at this link (pre-registration, viewing is free). The BiSC Project appears from minute 19:43 to minute 23:28.

The text has been written by Ioar Rivas, a researcher from the BiSC project.