What impact have studies like BiSC?


In today’s news we want to focus a little on the impact that studies like the BiSC project have on our society. An example of this effect can be seen in the following recently published post from the European Parliament: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/es/press-room/20240419IPR20587/el-parlamento-fija-nuevos-requisitos-para-mejorar- la-calidad-del-aire

This publication tells us that a vote has been taken in favor of the adoption of stricter measures for member countries to reduce the levels of environmental pollution in cities by 2030 in order to improve our way to the zero pollution plan in European cities by 2050. Furthermore, it seeks to grant more protection to citizens with health problems related to environmental pollution.

This is good news in view of the current situation in Europe, in which, as can be seen in this map of 2021, clear nodes of pollution can be spotted throughout Europe. In this case, nitrogen dioxide, which is one of the pollutants most common and used as the main indicator:

The role of studies like the BiSC project is very important to be able to bring scientific evidence to the bodies in charge of establishing these regulations, so they can have guides for the creation of new preventive measures. This prevention, taking as a reference the figures given in the article itself, aims to reduce the number of 300,000 people who are affected annually by fatal complications related to air pollution, and the thousands of people who present a lower quality of life due to this same cause.

This publication tells us that over time we are evolving in a good direction in order to be able to protect all vulnerable people in our society. It also reinforces the idea that both participating families and researchers are playing an important role in being able to help fight the problem of air pollution.


This news has been written by Adrià Sentis, data manager of the BiSC Project.