We are preparing the 2022’s BiSC party!

As we always say, the BiSC Project is possible thanks to the participation of more than 1000 volunteers and their families. Without your effort and altruism when sharing information about your pregnancies, health of your children and exposure to pollution, we would not be able to carry out this research study.

That is why it is essential to share all the work we are doing, both in terms of analysing the pregnancy data and the environmental and biological samples, as well as the planning for the next follow-up visits. We want to celebrate together the progress of the study and all that we have achieved so far, which is a lot!

Two years ago we held a first meeting where we were able to create this space for dialogue, answer questions and doubts, and get to know the researchers. The participation was very high but the COVID19 situation conditioned us to celebrate an online meeting. That is why we are very excited to organise the first face-to-face meeting with the families of the project: the BiSC party.

An event of this nature requires a lot of logistics, and that is why we have created a Party Commission. The committee is made up by Muriel Ferrer (neuropsychologist of the study), Cecilia Persavento (research and postnatal follow-up technician) and Neus Rosell (BiSC project manager). We don’t want to give too many details, we just want you to know that we will count with the presence of the researchers and collaborators with whom you will be able to talk and ask anything you want to know. For the little ones there will be activities and surprises, including a fantastic children’s show! We want it to be a day to enjoy science as a family and have a great time!

We are about to send the invitations to all of you where you will find the information to register (as we have limited capacity).

Engines are running for an unforgettable BiSC Party! We look forward to seeing you in October!

This text was written by Neus Rosell, BiSC’s project manager.