The appearance of the BiSC project in the National Geographic!

A few months ago we published that the BiSC project was visited by a photographer from an international magazine, and this week the photographs have been published in the National Geographic magazine accompanying a report on the importance of air pollution.

Throughout the report, the impact of air pollution on human health is extensively explained and we are invited to take a trip to different parts of the world teaching various scenarios where air pollution is very present. We can find spectacular images of working conditions in many parts of the world, as well as personal experiences of communities in which air pollution contributes to a high percentage of illness and death.

In recent decades several studies showing the contribution of air pollution to a high number of deaths worldwide have been published. These deaths are known as “silent” deaths, moreover, in this new report, this environmental factor is considered to be causing a ‘pandemic in slow motion’, due to its ability to contribute. to the deaths of millions of people annually.

From the BiSC project, we are very happy to have come out in a report of this level, and as always we want to thank infinitely BiSC volunteers and their families for participating in the study and for the unimaginable contribution they are making not only in the academic and scientific world but in the whole community both locally and internationally.

We invite you to take a look at the report, as well as to know the scope and situation in which we find ourselves worldwide!